Become our franchisee to fulfill your dream………….

1. Conditions:


  1. 150-500ft of space required on a prime/commercial location of the city/state.
  2. The premises should either be owned or should be on rent/lease agreement for a minimum period of three years.
  3. The center should be located in a prime locality furnished with all
  1. The space / building in which the center is going to start should satisfy the Municipal standards/norms, rules & regulations, safety & cleanliness. The premises should not be under dispute or under
  2. Approach should be prominent and should be directly accessible. Adequate space for parking should be
  3. Powersupply,telephoneconnections,internetconnections,filtereddrinking water and toilet facilities (separate for His & Hers) should be available in.
  4. Glow sign/neon sign board/flex sign board should be prepared as per the specifications of Head /Corporate
  1. Center should have at least four classrooms each with a capacity of 35- 40 students, one faculty room and one administrative wing.
  2. Franchisee fee / royalty to be paid in advance before the center is Franchisee share will be in the ratio of 20% (Franchisee) & 80% (Convolution Educare). Cheques/DD in the form of fee should be in favour of Convolution Educare.
  3. Cost of running the center will be borne by the franchisee .However, an Accountant will/can be deputed from Head/Corporate
  4. Localmarketing&advertisingactivitiesorthebrandawarenessactivitiestobe done by the franchisee as per the guidance of Head/Corporate Head/
  5. Corporate will support national advertisement through the leading news papers, TOI & 
  6. The agreement between Convolution Educare & the franchisee shall be fora period of two years. This can be extended further on mutual consent of both the parties. The agreement will containfull

2. Benefits

  1. a) Brand Name

Consumers today are quality conscious and hence prefer established brands. In entrances career- conscious students always opt for recognized and established institutes rather than new entrants. “Convolution Educare” would provide your business the much needed brand image. This brand image provides the necessary launch pad for taking your business to new heights. Convolution Educare has established itself as a highly reputed and esteemed organization imparting quality education to students from around the world. By becoming a franchisee, you will become apart of our mission to deliver quality education at a reasonable cost.

b) Teaching Methodology

In the field of entrances one of the important factors is the teaching methodology. As

anindependentbusiness,youwillberequiredtospendalotoftimeandresourceson developing and improving an effective teaching methodology. But as a franchisee of Convolution Educare you will have access to our teaching methodology that we have evolved over the last 15 years. This teaching methodology has been designed by Mr. P K Das and his team. It also in volvesuse of audio-visual teaching aids. The students are taught with the help of power point presentations. These presentations are designed in such a way that they explain even the most complicated concepts through effective animations and examples. The success rate of students at Convolution Educare is at estimonial to this. Convolution Educare has produced quality students.

The same skills have been utilized into the preparation of the study material for different courses. As a franchisee you will have access to these top quality course contents designed through 20 years of R&D by our elite “Content Development Cell” This study material is designed specifically to prepare all the students for successfully meeting the challenges of employment.

c) Efficient & Effective Management

The key to success for any business is Efficient & Effective Management. Any business needs proper management and experience to run profitably and efficiently. With our vast experience in successfully handling training & placement institute, we will be providing the franchisee, the management know-how and the trade secrets for profitably running an Training & Placement institute.

d) Continuous Faculty Training and Development

The success of any educational institute largely depends on the quality of the teaching faculty. It is the teacher that molds the students into a successful professional. In India we have every strong tradition of Guru-Shishya. Keeping with the spirit of this concept, west ronglyemphasizeon possessing the best teaching brains in our organization. We have a continual program for faculty training and development. It is our commitment to provide you with the best training facilities in terms of manpower and resources.

3. Our Support:-


  • Online & offline support for all types of courses.
  • To bring and execute different & Corporate Projects.
  • ConvolutionEducarewilldesign,monitor&executetheentireprogramunderGovt.
  • Any affiliation, permission will be done Convolution Educare.
  • ConvolutionEducarewillshowthisisasafranchiseeordirectbranchastoget other Project
  • OneauthorizedrepresentativefromConvolutionwillbetheretohandleandmonitor Day- to- day activities.

4. Your Role:-

  • To help to setup initial
  • To handle day- to- day activities.
  • He/she will Must be aware of illegal activities.
  • Police verification of franchisee owner is
  • Once in a week to visit head office is

5. Fees:-

  • Franchises owner will pay one time fee 1.25L(non-refundable)as an offer.
  • ConvolutionEducarewillprovide20%ofthecourse fees received from online students.
  1. ConvolutionEducarewillprovide80%ofthesanctionedfundreceivedfrom Project.
  • The bigger amount can be allottedif
  1. Fundwillbetransferredwithin24hrsaftergettingfromprojector or Student Fees.
  1. Franchiseewillbearalltheexpanseslikerent,employeesalaryandelectric
  • No cash transaction is allowed at franchisee venue.
  • Self declaration to be given for not to conduct any other business &illegal activities at franchisee venue.

6. Operation

  1. All the courses conducted at our franchisee centers would be exactly same as those conducted by Convolution Educare at the head branch. This includes the Infrastructure,thecoursematerial&emphaticallytheLecturePresentation.

b) For all the courses, Convolution Educare will provide the following assistance :

  1. Training of faculties
  1. Provision of study material for students
  • Lecture wise Power point slides to be shown on LCD projector in classroom. Lecture wise notes for students
  1. Lecture wise workbook for students
  1. CD-ROM consisting of relevant working programme Special Courses at the end of the course
  2. Common queries and answers handbooks for instructors
  • Online query solving facility forInstructorsat Online Examination for students (at franchisee centers)
  • Certificates shall be signed and given by Convolution Educare at the end of the course.
  1. Regular visit by experts of Convolution Educare to monitor performance and provide further assistan