Psychometric Counselling

Psychological or psychometric assessment is the process of measuring and understanding psychological constructs such as personality, intelligence and behavior. This is done with the help of psychometric tests which are scientifically formulated and validated tools to assess the particular area of interest. The usual purposes for psychological assessment are to provide a diagnosis for treatment settings; to assess a particular area of functioning or special abilities for school settings; to help select type of treatment or to assess treatment outcomes; or to help assess job applicants or employees and provide career development guidance, counselling or training. The Mind Research Foundation offers a wide range of psychological assessments and diagnostic services for children, youth and adults. We also work with other professionals in the community, including family physicians, paediatricians, psychiatrists, child development centers, government ministries, and school personnel, to provide comprehensive assessment services and enable coordinated intervention Convolution Educare  provides neuropsychological and psychological assessment for individuals across the life span, from infancy through geriatrics.
There are several broad categories of psychological tests that we offer which include:
1. Intelligence Quotient Tests
2. Achievement Tests
3.Aptitude and Interest Tests
4.Personality Tests
5.Neuropsychological Assessment
6. Tests for Specific Conditions
Understanding strengths and weaknesses contributes to effective treatment, and may demonstrate eligibility for customized interventions.

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